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The ABC’s of the Storm Drain

There’s more to the average storm drain than first meets the eye. You’ve probably seen them handling the rain the flows down the street and maybe you’ve even taken a moment to clear away some debris from the grates, but not everyone understands how much work goes into making sure this important part of your […]

Some great safety tips to make plumbing stress free

Whether you need to work on a drain with an auger or you need to get Toronto plumbing experts to come in and fix the sewers under your home, it’s a great idea to be aware of some simple safety procedures.   First off, you need to follow the local codes in your area. Remember […]

Some things you need to know about gas-fired water heaters

There are several areas that you need to pay attention to when you’ve got a gas-fired water heater. This is an essential part of the water services for many modern homes and one of the primary areas that need special attention is the air flow.   As part of the Toronto plumbing that keeps you […]