Here’s some common problems with Toronto sewers

When you think about the plumbing issues that could cause problems for your family, most people are concerned with how well the water services work. They want to be sure that the taps, showers and tubs have a clean supply of fresh water. They don’t always stop to consider the sewers that run under the home and the unforeseen problems that can happen there.


Most people don’t understand when they put something down the drain or flush the toilet that waste needs to travel to the septic tank or the municipal sewer. That’s where there can be problems like clogged lines resulting in nasty sewer backups.


The causes are many. Tree roots can actually grow right through older pipes and corrosion is another culprit that can restrict flow. A drain pipe can even just separate from an elbow, but in all these scenarios, you need to get an expert on the job that can tackle tough cleaning and/or replacements.


There are even cases where the drain back slopes and the waste flows in the wrong direction. All of these toronto drainage issues can be solved by an innovative service that uses video technology to identify the problem and innovative solutions like trenchless technology to fix it.










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Here’s some common problems with Toronto sewers, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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