Some things you need to know about gas-fired water heaters

There are several areas that you need to pay attention to when you’ve got a gas-fired water heater. This is an essential part of the water services for many modern homes and one of the primary areas that need special attention is the air flow.


As part of the Toronto plumbing that keeps you and your family supplied with hot water, it’s essential that the unit gets enough air to operate properly. If the hot water heater ‘puffs’ near the burner, you need to be sure it gets more air. Cutting a new vent for it will usually solve the issue.


There are other vent pipe problems that need to be solved. Remember a gas fired water heater creates a thermal draft where air is drawn into the flue from the room. It’s important that you test for carbon monoxide or have a professional look after that important aspect for you.


Getting an experienced plumber in toronto expert will help in a variety of different circumstances and you can start shopping for the right one by reading all they have on their website about gas fired water heaters.











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