The ABC’s of the Storm Drain

There’s more to the average storm drain than first meets the eye. You’ve probably seen them handling the rain the flows down the street and maybe you’ve even taken a moment to clear away some debris from the grates, but not everyone understands how much work goes into making sure this important part of your water services works properly.


For example, there’s lots going on under those big steel grates as far as the design is concerned. It’s not just rainwater these storm drains deal with. Often there are other runoffs that need to be filtered away from the pipes that carry the rainwater back to lakes and streams.


One of the more popular designs has a series of trays that capture layers of sediment. The top layer filters out the larger particles and subsequent layers get the finer debris. One of the other steps you can take is retrofitting this essential part of your Drain Torontoservices. A hooded outlet or a 90º elbow are just two of the options to consider.


The idea is to have a system in place that separates the rainwater from the debris that needs to be disposed of. It’s always a good idea to have a proper maintenance schedule to ensure everything is working properly.

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