When To Call The Plumber

Most of us are Mr. and Mrs. Fixits. We like to do our home plumbing on our own – it gives us a sense of pride in our house and it reminds us that we can learn to do anything. Well, almost anything. When it comes to the following plumbing issues, it’s better to call a Toronto plumber than to try to fix it yourself.


When Should I Call A Plumber?


Pipe Leaks – because pipe leaks can cause massive amounts of damage to the very structures you rely upon to keep you and your home stable, healthy, and happy, when you realize that a pipe is either leaking or broken, call in a professional plumber.


Complicated Clogs – most of the clogs in our drains can be easily remedied through clog busters or plungers, but if your clog is big and gross enough, it’s likely that using a plunger to fix the clogged pipe will only push the clog deeper into the pipe. That’s when it’s time to call a Toronto plumber.


Renovation – while some items in your house can be easily installed without a professional plumber, if you want the job done and you want it to look amazing, you should call a plumber to make sure that the item is properly installed and working well.


Upgrading Current Plumbing – before you go tearing a wall down to insulate your pipes or ripping a toilet out so that you can have a fancier toilet, be sure to call a plumber for a consult. You’ll want a true professional plumber for this because you don’t want to accidentally get the wrong parts and wind up with a leaky toilet or a shower that doesn’t work. Get a consult, have the plumber work up a budget and approximate cost for parts, labor, and installation of your new bathtub, toilet, pipes, or sinks.


Good luck with your home improvements and don’t hesitate to try out several drain toronto plumbers before you find one that you really like. That’s an important relationship to foster!

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